November 27, 2020

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Course materials for: Introduction to Data Science and Programming

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Course materials for: Introduction to Data Science and Programming

These course materials cover the second half of the course held in fall 2019, improved over fall 2020, at IT University of Copenhagen. Public course pages:


alt text

The covered topics are:

  • Array programming with numpy
  • Single variable analysis
  • Normal distributions
  • Data relationships
  • Simulation and top-down design
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Code optimization
  • Introduction to network science
  • Skewed data
  • Graph properties
  • Network models
  • Network analysis and visualization
  • Graph algorithms

These topics come after the first half of the course (not included here) which covers programming fundamentals in Python.


The course materials were adapted from a number of sources. All materials were used for educational, non-commercial reasons only. Feel free to use as you wish for the same purpose, at your own risk. For other re-use questions please consult the license of the respective source:

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