October 25, 2020

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svg react icons of popular icon packs

repo name react-icons/react-icons
repo link https://github.com/react-icons/react-icons
homepage https://react-icons.github.io/react-icons/
language TypeScript
size (curr.) 38241 kB
stars (curr.) 5272
created 2015-10-23
license Other

React Icons


Include popular icons in your React projects easily with react-icons, which utilizes ES6 imports that allows you to include only the icons that your project is using.



yarn add react-icons


npm install react-icons --save


import { FaBeer } from 'react-icons/fa';

class Question extends React.Component {
    render() {
        return <h3> Lets go for a <FaBeer />? </h3>

View the documentation for further usage examples and how to use icons from other packages. NOTE: each Icon package has it’s own subfolder under react-icons you import from.

For example, to use an icon from Material Design, your import would be: import { ICON_NAME } from 'react-icons/md';


Icon Library License Version
Font Awesome CC BY 4.0 License 5.12.1
Ionicons MIT 4.5.6
Material Design icons Apache License Version 2.0 3.0.1
Typicons CC BY-SA 3.0 2.0.9
Github Octicons icons MIT 8.5.0
Feather MIT 4.21.0
Game Icons CC BY 3.0 a53463d41d4f055fa71097ae74da4c508c9bb09d
Weather Icons SIL OFL 1.1 2.0.10
Devicons MIT 1.8.0
Ant Design Icons MIT 4.0.0
Bootstrap Icons MIT 1.0.0-alpha3
Remix Icon Apache License Version 2.0 2.3.0
Flat Color Icons MIT 1.0.2
Grommet-Icons Apache License Version 2.0 4.4.0
Simple Icons CC0 1.0 Universal 2.13.0
IcoMoon Free CC BY 4.0 License 1.0.0
BoxIcons CC BY 4.0 License 2.0.5
css.gg MIT 2.0.0
VS Code Icons CC BY 4.0 0.0.1

You can add more icons by submitting pull requests or creating issues.


You can configure react-icons props using React Context API.

Requires React 16.3 or higher.

import { IconContext } from "react-icons";

<IconContext.Provider value={{ color: "blue", className: "global-class-name" }}>
    <FaFolder />
Key Default Notes
color undefined (inherit)
size 1em
className undefined
style undefined Can overwrite size and color
attr undefined Overwritten by other attributes
title undefined Icon description for accessibility

Migrating from version 2 -> 3

Change import style

Import path has changed. You need to rewrite from the old style.

import FaBeer from 'react-icons/lib/fa/beer';

class Question extends React.Component {
    render() {
        return <h3> Lets go for a <FaBeer />? </h3>
import { FaBeer } from 'react-icons/fa';

class Question extends React.Component {
    render() {
        return <h3> Lets go for a <FaBeer />? </h3>

Ending up with a large JS bundle? Check out this issue.

Adjustment CSS

From version 3, vertical-align: middle is not automatically given. Please use IconContext to specify className or specify an inline style.

Global Inline Styling

<IconContext.Provider value={{ style: { verticalAlign: 'middle' } }}>

Global className Styling


<IconContext.Provider value={{ className: 'react-icons' }}>


.react-icons {
  vertical-align: middle;

TypeScript native support

Dependencies on @types/react-icons can be deleted.


yarn remove @types/react-icons


npm remove @types/react-icons



yarn submodule  # fetch icon sources
cd packages/react-icons
yarn build


The preview site is the react-icons website, built in NextJS.

cd packages/react-icons
yarn build

cd ../preview
yarn start


The demo is a Create React App boilerplate with react-icons added as a dependency for easy testing.

cd packages/react-icons
yarn build

cd ../demo
yarn start

Why React SVG components instead of fonts?

SVG is supported by all major browsers. With react-icons, you can serve only the needed icons instead of one big font file to the users, helping you to recognize which icons are used in your project.



  • Icons are taken from the other projects so please check each project licences accordingly.
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