February 23, 2019

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High Quality GeoJSON maps programmatically generated.

repo name simonepri/geo-maps
repo link https://github.com/simonepri/geo-maps
language JavaScript
size (curr.) 19533 kB
stars (curr.) 1020
created 2017-09-02
license MIT License


The purpose of this project is to programmatically extract maps from open databases like OpenStreetMap providing you with a ready to use GeoJSON map that fits your needs.

Do you believe that this is cool? If so, support us with a ⭐️!

Table of maps

In this section you can find all the maps generated by this project.
Feel free to propose new kinds of maps! 🎉

For each map you can click on the image to see a live preview.
Please note that the previews show you the worst resolution available.
See the details for higher resolutions.

All the maps are exported as GeoJSON and available to be downloaded directly from GitHub or as package on npm.
See the details of each map for more information on how to get started.

Preview Name Short Description Info Page
countries-land Countries' political land borders
countries-coastline Countries' political coastline borders
countries-maritime Countries' political maritime borders
earth-lands Earth’s lands
earth-coastlines Earth’s coastlines
earth-waterbodies Earth’s waterbodies
earth-seas Earth’s seas and oceans
earth-lakes Earth’s lakes
earth-rivers Earth’s rivers

Conversion to other formats

If you need to convert maps in any of Shapefile, TopoJSON, CSV, SVG formats you can use the mapshaper’s web interface to export the map in the format of your need.


Do you use geo-maps in your application? Please open a Pull Request to include it here.
We would love to have it in our list:

  • country-iso: 🗺 Get ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 country code for geographic coordinates.
  • is-sea: 🌊 Check whether a geographic coordinate is in the sea or not on the earth.


PRs are REALLY welcome.
Scripts used to build maps are all contained in the gulp folder.

To release the project the following actions needs to be executed from the root.

$ npm i
$ npm run test
$ npm run build
$ npm run previews
$ npm run release
$ npm run publish


We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.


See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


All data of this project is licensed under the Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication and License as stated in OpenStreetMap License

All source code of this project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

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