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Iconic fonts in PyQt and PySide applications

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Copyright © 2015–2020 Spyder Project Contributors


QtAwesome enables iconic fonts such as Font Awesome and Elusive Icons in PyQt and PySide applications.

It started as a Python port of the QtAwesome C++ library by Rick Blommers.


Using conda:

conda install qtawesome

or using pip (only if you don’t have conda installed):

pip install qtawesome


Supported Fonts

QtAwesome identifies icons by their prefix and their icon name, separated by a period (.) character.

The following prefixes are currently available to use:


import qtawesome as qta
  • Use Font Awesome, Elusive Icons or Material Design Icons.
# Get FontAwesome 5.x icons by name in various styles:
fa5_icon = qta.icon('fa5.flag')
fa5_button = QtWidgets.QPushButton(fa5_icon, 'Font Awesome! (regular)')
fa5s_icon = qta.icon('fa5s.flag')
fa5s_button = QtWidgets.QPushButton(fa5s_icon, 'Font Awesome! (solid)')
fa5b_icon = qta.icon('fa5b.github')
fa5b_button = QtWidgets.QPushButton(fa5b_icon, 'Font Awesome! (brands)')

# or Elusive Icons:
asl_icon = qta.icon('ei.asl')
elusive_button = QtWidgets.QPushButton(asl_icon, 'Elusive Icons!')

# or Material Design Icons:
apn_icon = qta.icon('mdi.access-point-network')
mdi_button = QtWidgets.QPushButton(apn_icon, 'Material Design Icons!')

  • Apply some styling
# Styling icons
styling_icon = qta.icon('',
music_button = QtWidgets.QPushButton(styling_icon, 'Styling')
  • Stack multiple icons
# Stacking icons
camera_ban = qta.icon('', 'fa5s.ban',
                      options=[{'scale_factor': 0.5,
                                'active': 'fa5s.balance-scale'},
                               {'color': 'red'}])
stack_button = QtWidgets.QPushButton(camera_ban, 'Stack')
stack_button.setIconSize(QtCore.QSize(32, 32))
  • Animations
# Spining icons
spin_button = QtWidgets.QPushButton(' Spinning icon')
spin_icon = qta.icon('fa5s.spinner', color='red',
  • Display Icon as a widget
# Spining icon widget
spin_widget = qta.IconWidget()
spin_icon = qta.icon('mdi.loading', color='red',

# Simple icon widget
simple_widget = qta.IconWidget('mdi.web', color='blue')
  • Screenshot

QtAwesome screenshot

Other features

  • QtAwesome comes bundled with Font Awesome, Elusive Icons and Material Design Icons but it can also be used with other iconic fonts. The load_font function allows to load other fonts dynamically.
  • QtAwesome relies on the QtPy project as a compatibility layer on the top ot PyQt or PySide.

Icon Browser

QtAwesome ships with a browser that displays all the available icons. You can use this to search for an icon that suits your requirements and then copy the name that should be used to create that icon!

Once installed, run qta-browser from a shell to start the browser.



MIT License. Copyright 2015 - The Spyder development team. See the LICENSE file for details.

The Font Awesome, Elusive Icons and Material Design Icons fonts are licensed under the SIL Open Font License.


Spyder and its subprojects are funded thanks to the generous support of


and the donations we have received from our users around the world through Open Collective:


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