March 25, 2020

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Open Source Pandemic Mechanical Ventilator using Ambu Bag & Arduino #Covid-19

repo name TahirHafeez/SukhSaans
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language C++
size (curr.) 518 kB
stars (curr.) 3
created 2020-03-23
license GNU General Public License v3.0

Sukh Ka Saans

Open Source Mechanical Ventilator using Ambu Bag & Arduino to help people struggling for medical aid in pandemic situations like COVID-19. It’s low cost ($60-80) easy to make and use.
It is strap based design which squeezes the bag with servo motor rotation and measures tidal volume with servo motor position.


  1. Arduino 1\
  2. Servo Motor (Mrtal Geared High torque) 1\
  3. Servo Driver 1 (Optional)\
  4. Ambu Bag 1 (Any Available, preferable medium or adult size)\
  5. 16-2 LCD (Optional) 1\
  6. Potentiometers 3 (10k or any other available)\
  7. Voltage Regulator / Power Supply (To power Arduino, Servo and other components)\
  8. Breadboard / Veroboard / PCB
    Feel free for suggestions and modifications.
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