January 11, 2021

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A collaborative web application (virtual office) presented as a 16-bit RPG video game

repo name thecodingmachine/workadventure
repo link https://github.com/thecodingmachine/workadventure
homepage https://workadventu.re
language TypeScript
size (curr.) 24745 kB
stars (curr.) 960
created 2020-04-03

WorkAdventure landscape image

Demo here : https://workadventu.re/.

Work Adventure

Work in progress

Work Adventure is a web-based collaborative workspace for small to medium teams (2-100 people) presented in the form of a 16-bit video game.

In Work Adventure, you can move around your office and talk to your colleagues (using a video-chat feature that is triggered when you move next to a colleague).

Getting started

Install Docker.


docker-compose up

The environment will start.

You should now be able to browse to http://workadventure.localhost/ and see the application.

Note: on some OSes, you will need to add this line to your /etc/hosts file:



MacOS developers, your environment with Vagrant

If you are using MacOS, you can increase Docker performance using Vagrant. If you want more explanations, you can read this medium article.


  • VirtualBox* 5.x Latest version https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads
  • Vagrant 2.2.7 Latest version https://www.vagrantup.com/downloads.html

First steps

Create a config file Vagrantfile from Vagrantfile.template

cp Vagrantfile.template Vagrantfile

In Vagrantfile, update VM_HOST_PATH with the local project path of your machine.

#VM_HOST_PATH# => your local machine path to the project

(run pwd and copy the path in this variable)

To start your VM Vagrant, run:

Vagrant up

To connect to your VM, run:

Vagrant ssh

To start project environment, run

docker-compose up

You environment runs in you VM Vagrant. When you want stop your VM, you can run:

Vagrant halt

If you want to destroy, you can run

Vagrant destroy

Available commands

  • Vagrant up: start your VM Vagrant.
  • Vagrant reload: reload your VM Vagrant when you change Vagrantfile.
  • Vagrant ssh: connect on your VM Vagrant.
  • Vagrant halt: stop your VM Vagrant.
  • Vagrant destroy: delete your VM Vagrant.

Features developed

You have more details of features developed in back README.md.

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