August 7, 2019

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Material Angular Admin Template

repo name CreativeIT/material-angular-dashboard
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language TypeScript
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created 2017-12-01
license MIT License

Material Angular Dashboard

Welcome to the first dark dashboard with Google Material Design and Angular!

Its much more fun with the demo.

Material admin template is absolutely free for commercial usage theme, based on Google Material Design guidelines.

Important: We are still working on the project and there will be much more awesome, check out our issues to see what features are coming soon.


The steps below will take you through cloning your own fork, installing dependencies and building:

  1. Fork and/or clone our repository. To use Git from command line, see the Setting up Git and Fork repo articles.
git clone
  1. Open your copied repo folder in terminal and install necessary modules with command, make sure that you have installed npm:
npm install
  1. Install angular-cli globally to use its commands in the terminal:
npm install --global @angular/cli
  1. Now you are able to run or build the project:

Run npm start or ng serve for a dev server. Navigate to http://localhost:4200/. The app will automatically reload if you change any of the source files.

Run npm run build or ng build to build the project. The build artifacts will be stored in the dist/ directory.



Since the project uses BEM structure with sass, it can be customized in an easy way by editing src/theme/scss/_variables.scss file.

Project uses d3 and nvd3 to build charts and chart components and ag-Grid to build advanced tables.

Quick start

Do you want to start quickly and don’t need all the pages and modules? You can checkout to empty starter-kit branch and get to work!

If you need full-stack solution with authentication ability and routing, checkout feature/backend branch with preconfigured Node.js backend. You can also try the demo (user: admin@admin.admin , password: admin).

You can also try dashboard powered with AWS Lambda. This allows you to easily deploy your application without the need for a dedicated server. Checkout feature/serverless branch to see the details or try the demo (user: admin@admin.admin , password: admin) to make sure that this is no different from the classic approach.

Hire us

We are ready to become a strong development partner and bring competitive advantage to your business. Visit our site or drop us a line We will be happy to help you!


Material Angular Dashboard was inspired by html5 material dashboard

Designed with passion and coffee by CreativeIT.

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