January 26, 2020

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A collection of 300+ Jupyter Python notebook examples for using Google Earth Engine with interactive mapping

repo name giswqs/earthengine-py-notebooks
repo link https://github.com/giswqs/earthengine-py-notebooks
language Jupyter Notebook
size (curr.) 16674 kB
stars (curr.) 408
created 2020-01-25
license MIT License


License: MIT

A collection of 300+ Jupyter Python notebook examples for using Google Earth Engine with interactive mapping

Contact: Qiusheng Wu (https://wetlands.io)

1. Description

This repository is a collection of 300+ Jupyter Python notebook examples. I developed these examples by converting my other repo qgis-earthengine-examples from Python scripts to Jupyter notebooks. Now you can display Earth Engine data layers interactively in Jupyter notebooks without having to install QGIS. Three Python packages are being used in these examples, including the Earth Engine Python API, folium, and geehydro. The geehydro Python package builds on the folium package and implements several methods for displaying Earth Engine data layers, such as Map.addLayer(), Map.setCenter(), Map.centerObject(), and Map.setOptions().

2. Usage

  • Step 1: Explore this repository and open any available Jupyter notebook in your browser (e.g., template.ipynb)
  • Step 2: When the selected Jupyter notebook is open, click the Notebook Viewer link to view the interactive map.
  • Step 3: If you would like to execute cells in the notebook interactively, you will need to Sign up for a Google Earth Engine account. Then you can click either Run in Google Colab or Run in binder to execute code interactively. This will allow you to add your own Earth Engine Python script.

3. How to automatically convert Earth Engine JavaScript to Python script?

Keep in mind that the conversion might not always work prefectly. Additional manual changes might still be needed. ui and chart are not supported.

4. Demo


5. Examples

The Table of Contents below mimics the structure of the Google Earth Engine API Documentation. I strongly encourage you to check out the API Documentation if you need an in-depth explanation of each Python example. Please note that the list below does not include all the Python examples contained in this repository. You are welcome to explore the repository and find more examples to suit your needs.

Get Started

Machine Learning



Geometry, Feature, FeatureCollection




Specialized Algorithms

Asset Management

How Earth Engine Works





Gena’s Examples

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