January 15, 2021

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Angular UI Kit and components library for awesome people

repo name TinkoffCreditSystems/taiga-ui
repo link https://github.com/TinkoffCreditSystems/taiga-ui
homepage https://taiga-ui.dev
language TypeScript
size (curr.) 150646 kB
stars (curr.) 894
created 2020-09-25
license Apache License 2.0

Taiga UI

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Taiga UI is fully-treeshakable Angular UI Kit consisting of multiple base libraries and several add-ons.

It is based on ng-polymorpheus dynamic content approach and uses Web APIs for Angular for required browser APIs.

Why Taiga UI

🧩 Modular and fully-treeshakable. We harnessed the power of Secondary Entry Points mechanism. You can import even just one entity from our library and be sure that there is no redundant code in your bundle

🧙 Agnostic. Our components are very flexible and are ready for any use case. But we take care of basic UX aspects to let you focus on your project features

🦋 Customizable. We use CSS custom properties for all our styling and provide easy methods to customize all UI components

🛠 Well engineered. We are not afraid of DI, all our components use OnPush and the whole project is developed with strict TypeScript mode

📦 It’s big! We have 130+ components, 100+ directives, dozens of tokens, utils and tools. And it isn’t over yet 🚀

Read more about Taiga UI main features in this article on inDepth

How to start

See our Getting started page to start working with Taiga UI

If you want to use cdk tools only, see CDK Wiki

You can also use our StackBlitz starter to create a quick sample with Taiga UI


💡 Your ideas are very welcome in Github issues or discussions

🅰️ For live communication join #taiga-ui channel in official Angular


See our CONTRIBUTING.md guide

Core team


🆓 Feel free to use our library in your commercial and private applications

All Taiga UI packages are covered by Apache 2.0

Read more about this license here

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