November 16, 2020

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4G/LTE softmod for the Parrot Disco

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Parrot Disco over 4G/LTE (softmod)


Disco4G is a software modification (softmod) for the Parrot Disco drone. Instead of the built-in regular Wi-Fi, it allows to use a 4G/LTE cellular/mobile network connection to link Skycontroller 2 to the Disco. Control/telemetry and live video stream are routed through the 4G/LTE connection. In other words, range limit becomes your imagination! Ok, to be fair, it’s still limited by the battery capacity :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Youtube video Disco4G softmod


  • Range limit is no longer dependent on Wi-Fi signal
  • Low hardware cost (around US$ 40.-)
  • All stock hardware can be used (standard Parrot Skycontroller 2 with FreeFlight Pro App)
  • Return-to-home (RTH) is auto-initiated in case of connection loss
  • Allows independent real-time GPS tracking via Glympse
  • Easy initiation of 4G/LTE connection via Skycontroller 2 button
  • Can be used for manually controlled flights as well as flight plans
  • :boom: Videos and photos can be recorded to a microSD card inside the 4G modem



UAVPAL Slack Workspace

Instructions too technical? Having trouble installing the softmod? Questions on what hardware to order? Want to meet the developers? Interested in other mods (batteries, LEDs, etc.)? Interested to meet like-minded people? Having a great idea and want to let us know?
We have a great and very active community on Slack, come join us!


  • The Parrot Disco’s stock Wi-Fi loses video signal way before the specified 2 km.
  • Because we can :grin:

How does it work?

High-level connection diagram

In simple terms, the Wi-Fi connection is hijacked and routed via a tethering device (e.g. mobile phone) through a 4G/LTE cellular/mobile network to the Disco. As tethering device, any modern mobile phone can be used (iOS: “Personal Hotspot” or Android: “Portable WLAN hotspot”). The Disco requires a 4G/LTE USB modem to be able to send and receive data via cellular/mobile networks.

USB Modem inside Disco’s canopy

Initiation of the 4G/LTE connection (and switch back to Wi-Fi) can be done by simply pressing the Settings button twice on Skycontroller 2.

Settings Button on Skycontroller 2

The “Power” LED on Skycontroller 2 will change to solid blue once the 4G/LTE connection to the Disco is established.

Skycontroller 2 with blue LED

Once up in the air, everything works in the same manner as with the stock Wi-Fi connection, e.g. flight plans, return-to-home (auto-initiated in case of connection loss), etc.

The mobile device running FreeFlight Pro (the one connected to Skycontroller 2 via USB) can even be the same as the mobile tethering device/phone.

ZeroTier is a free online service, which we use to manage and encrypt the connection between the Disco and Skycontroller 2. ZeroTier will find the fastest and shortest connection (e.g. by doing NAT traversal) to give you the best possible performance, regardless of the mobile operator’s network topology.

Additionally, Glympse, a free App for iOS/Android, allows independent real-time GPS tracking and shows detailed telemetry data (signal strength, altitude, speed, compass, battery and latency) of the Disco via 4G/LTE. This can be particularly useful to recover the Disco in the unfortunate event of a crash or flyaway.

Glympse App showing Disco’s location

The latest (optional) feature of our softmod is the video and photo recording to a microSD card inside the 4G modem. E3372h 4G USB modem with microSD card

This gives you

  • More storage space available than the built-in 32 GB: great for longer flights or multiple flights where videos cannot be transferred to a PC immediately.
  • No more long transfer time required from the Disco to a PC (usually done via USB cable or Wi-Fi).
  • Saves battery power (and reduces charging cycles long-term) as videos don’t have to be transferred on a battery-powered CHUCK.
  • The microSD card can be unplugged after the flight and plugged into a PC - the pilot can watch the video immediately without having to transfer anything first.

:point_right: More infos in this FAQ entry



Huawei E3372h Modem

:warning: Note: there are different Huawei E3372 models available - please read this FAQ entry before buying to ensure your mobile network operator is supported.

:warning: Note: the newer E3372h-320 model does not work with the softmod currently. Some sellers on Amazon advertise the E3372h-320 as E3372h-153!

USB OTG Cable for Parrot Disco

  • Antennas (2x CRC9) for the modem (optional)
  • Mobile device/phone with Wi-Fi tethering and SIM card (for best performance, use the same operator as the USB modem’s SIM card). Most recent iOS and Android devices work fine.
  • PC with Wi-Fi (one-time, required for initial installation)


  • FreeFlight Pro App on iOS or Android (can be the same device providing Wi-Fi tethering)
  • Zerotier account (free)
  • Glympse App for independent real-time GPS tracking (optional) - free Glympse Developer account required


Please see Wiki article Installation.

How to fly on 4G/LTE? (User Manual)

Please see Wiki article How to fly on 4G/LTE? (User Manual).


Please see Wiki article FAQ.

Is it really free? Are you crazy?

Yes and yes! This softmod has been developed over countless of days and nights by RC hobbyists and technology enthusiasts with zero commercial intention. Anyone can download our code for free and transform his/her Disco into a 4G/LTE enabled fixed-wing drone by following the instructions provided.

However, we highly appreciate feedback and active contribution to improve and maintain this project.

Shut up and take my money!

If you insist, feel free to donate any amount you like. We will mainly use donations to acquire new hardware to be able to support a wider range of options (such as more 4G/LTE USB Modems).

Donate using Paypal


Join our UAVPAL Slack workspace or check out the issue section here on GitHub.
Email: (please do not use email for issues/troubleshooting help. Join our Slack community instead!)

Special Thanks to

  • Parrot - for building this beautiful bird, as well as for promoting and supporting Free and Open-Source Software
  • ZeroTier - awesome product and excellent support
  • Glympse - great app and outstanding API
  • Andres Toomsalu
  • AussieGus
  • Brian
  • Carlo Comin
  • Dustin Dunnill
  • John Dreadwing
  • Joris Dirks
  • Josh Mason
  • Justin
  • Phil
  • Sarah Davis
  • Tim Vu


This is still an EXPERIMENTAL modification! Mod and fly your Disco at YOUR OWN RISK!!!

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